The IDNNA maintains the highest standards for all member distributors. Standards include an up-to-date business plan, dedicated sales and marketing department, in-house installation and service, safety programs, updated website, bonding, insurance, letters of credit, warranty and contract responsibility. Most of our member distributors are second, third and fourth generation family businesses. The IDNNA requires that future management teams be in place to insure continuity and reliability.


Sales and Marketing

The IDNNA represents the premier space management architectural promotion group in North America. Our distributors are staffed with sales and marketing executives, on the ground, representing hundreds of years of experience with Space Management Products. IDNNA distributors assist architects in design, layout and specifications, bid to owners and general contractors, and defend specifications from unqualified competition. Qualified teams of project managers, drafters, and order expediters support each member distributor's sales staff. The IDNNA also provides a single source contact for larger corporate accounts requiring sales and service at the local, regional, or national level.


Architectural Representation

The IDNNA is an "Architectural Representation Organization" working with quality manufacturers of space management products from around the world. As opposed to a private label, the IDNNA promotes top manufacturers that are recognizable, trusted and reliable as part of the IDNNA brand strategy. We provide professional architectural promotion from box lunches to annual booths at the premier North American product shows and conferences. The IDNNA's ability to combine architectural representation with contract responsibility, project management, installation and after-market service allow manufacturers to avoid intermediaries that do no add value to their products.


Vendor Relations

The IDNNA can insure quality, meet expedited project schedules and provide the best value for its customers by maintaining professional and long-term relationships with innovative manufacturers of Space Management Products throughout the world. Collective purchasing by IDNNA member distributors to vendors including material suppliers, freight companies, fleet and financial services insures increased quality and value in competitive markets.