IDNNA - Independent Distributor Network of North America
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Advantages of the IDNNA


The IDNNA maintains the highest standards for all member distributors. Standards include an up-to-date business plan, dedicated sales and marketing department, in-house installation and service, safety programs, updated website, bonding, insurance, letters of credit, warranty and contract responsibility.

Sales & Marketing

Our distributors are staffed with sales and marketing executives, on the ground, representing hundreds of years of experience with Space Management Products. IDNNA distributors assist architects in design, layout and specifications, bid to owners and general contractors, and defend specifications from unqualified competition.


The IDNNA is an “Architectural Representation Organization” working with quality manufacturers of space management products from around the world. As opposed to a private label, the IDNNA promotes top manufacturers that are recognizable, trusted and reliable as part of the IDNNA brand strategy.

Vendor Relations

The IDNNA can insure quality, meet expedited project schedules and provide the best value for its customers by maintaining professional and long-term relationships with innovative manufacturers of Space Management Products throughout the world.


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The IDNNA provides solutions to our customer’s needs including annual contracts, regional price consistency and validation, custom product specifications, distribution support, product analysis, market updates, regional training seminars, sponsorships at customer national events and representation at local and national trade shows.

Project Spotlights


At Adobe’s new London offices in Shoreditch there is an open plan space, with meeting rooms, social hubs, library, tech café and games room. The layout provides a fluid working environment, meant to spur new ideas and unexpected collaborations.


Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC.

One company, two projects.  Read how IDNNA member, Bravura, designed and implemented custom wall solutions in these two Canadian cities.

Network Announcements


NEW PRODUCT: Skyfold Zenith Premium Series

Skyfold Zenith Premium vertical retractable wall

Introducing the future of vertical retractable walls – Skyfold Zenith Premium Series! The Zenith Premium package includes 2 touch screen keypads and the pocket closure. Lights are available both in the pocket closure panels to wash the wall with light in the down (deployed) position and in the bottom panels of the wall to provide light from above when the wall in in the up (retracted) position.


Contact your local IDNNA representative to learn more.

APRIL 2018

ModernfoldStyles First Showroom Visit

ModernfoldStyles Showroom visit from Frener & Reifer

ModernfoldStyles received it’s first visitors from FRENER & REIFER this month! They were thrilled to see products from Modernfold, Skyfold, and Renlita, which are specified for a proposed project!


Contact ModernfoldStyles to schedule a visit!


Willco Sales and Service: Renlita S-2000

Renlita S-2000 Hingeway door installed at the Charter Oak International Academy. Photo © Robert Benson
Photo © Robert Benson

Featured in this month’s Architectural Record, Willco Sales & Service installed the impressive Renlita S-2000 at the Charter Oak International Academy located in West Hartford, CT designed by Perkins Eastman. The custom oak tree designed 21’H x 14’W Renlita S-2000 motorized vertical glass wall opens up the auditorium into the central courtyard creating an airy, dynamic space.


Read the article


ModernfoldStyles begins office construction

Come see the start of ModernfoldStyles office renovation with this time-lapse video. Stay tuned for more updates.