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IDNNA believes in and is committed to giving back to charities and communities that help to advance people’s lives. As a collective group, we invest in programs that enrich, educate and empower. We are rooted in a unified mission to make a positive impact in the communities we serve and society at large.


Canstruction, Inc. is a U.S. 501(c)3 nonprofit charity known worldwide for our signature, trademarked CanSculptures® built entirely out of unopened cans of food.


Since 1992, Canstruction® has raised nearly 70 million pounds of food for local hunger relief organizations. Each year, 10,000+ volunteers participate in Canstruction events in over 150 cities around the world. After each event, our awe-inspiring Can Art® goes on public display before the food is donated to local food banks.


Canstruction events are held in the Australia, Canada, Central America, China, Europe, New Zealand, South America, South Korea, Turkey, United States, and more.

StrongMen logo

StrongMen is a startup, nonprofit organization which aims to tackle emotional and mental health issues brought about by the suffering from bereavement.


StrongMen provides free weekend breaks to men ages 18 – 55 years old who have suffered the bereavement of a spouse, child, parent or sibling. The weekend program provides physical, outdoor activities along with counseling and support, and discussions from Experts on physical and mental well-being.